Soul Eater: Perfect Edition Vol 11

Soul Eater: Perfect Edition Vol 11

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As members of DWMA's new Spartoi unit of two-star Weapons and Meisters, Maka and Soul are now training to harness their newly-unlocked potential. But Maka's powers have put a target on her back-Noah and his agents want her Soul Perception abilities for themselves!!

Meisters and their Weapons takes on a whole new look in the gorgeous Soul Eater- Perfect Edition!

Dive into Maka and Soul's adventures in a unique larger format on high-end paper stock that maximizes the dynamic art of the series!

Each volume of this deluxe omnibus edition of the megahit manga includes-
The content of approximately 1 original volumes! The original colour pages from the manga's Japanese serialization! An updated translation and lettering! Brand-new cover art drawn by creator Atsushi Ohkubo himself!