Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy

Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy

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Every house has a story. This one is yours.

With its history shrouded by wild-eyed ravings and the scrawling of madmen, it was thought that no one would ever know the unholy origin of the house on the hill.

Until now.

The history you tell is one you create. Journey back to the beginning of the horror as you create a unique story told through several generations of families obsessed with the house.

Based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill, Betrayal Legacy is a unique experience offering you the chance to create the iconic houses story through decisions and actions taken in the game. Once the campaign is complete, youll be left with a fully re-playable, customized board game.

Contents: 1 Rulebook 3 Haunt books (Traitors Tome and Secrets of Survival) 71 Room tiles (including 4 starting tiles) 1 numbered track 1 sticker sheet 5 prepainted plastic family figures 20 plastic clips 5 plastic rings 8 Dice 7 Item cards 11 Event cards 1 Traitor card 1 Monster card 2 Legacy decks 5 Family cards 122 Tokens And much more